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Asphalt Paving Tools
We offer a full line of American made Asphalt Paving Tools. Surfa Slick Style Magnesium Asphalt Leveling Lutes, Squeegees, Asphalt Crack Filler Squeegees, Hot Tar Asphalt Spreading Hose, Asphalt Brooms, Asphalt Hand Held Burners, Razor Back Asphalt Shovels, Smoothing Irons, Asphalt Tampers, Asphalt Road Rock Blower, Hot Tack Oil Sprayer Wands and Asphalt Paving Depth Gauge.   In addition, we also offer a Surfa Slick Made Lute Replacement Parts such as Poles with Safety Tip, Lute Safety Caps, Lute Tee Brackets, and Replacement Blades.
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Government Purchase Orders Accepted
Notice to Government Purchasing Agents: We accept Governement Purchase Orders from Municipal, County, State and Federal Govermental organizations. Please include a faxed copy with your order. (805) 256-6477
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