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Parker Hannifin Hose
Parker Hannifin offers a mixed variety of hose for specific applications - one and two wire braid hydraulic hose for standard low, medium, high and very high pressure installations.  Air conditioning hose for vehicles, Engine Air Brake hose which is used for across spectrum re useable and crimp-on hose.  Gasoline pump hose and hydraulic suction and discharge designs.  An excellent shop air and water hose known as Parker 801 Push-Lok blue hose is used as an industry standard - simplistic no clamp type insert Parker hose barbs fittings.  Each style of hose may be color coded and marked with its own series number and size for ease of identification.  Parker Hose Fittings are also easy to identify - with simple to understand part numbers imprinted onto the fittings.  Hose are divided into groups that are called "Series".  One and Two Wire Braids and Suction Discharge hose are 43 Series, Four Wire Spiral are 77 Series, 78 Series for Six Wire Spiral.  Each corresponding crimp on fitting will also display an imprinted number. An example could be a standard 1/2" 2 wire braid hose with 1/2" male pipe on each end. The fitting imprint number displayed would be 10143-8-8, which could be used on any 43 Series hose such as the 471ST-8 hose.  Proven multi-utility in Construction, Ranching, Farming, Agriculture and Mining vehicles and equipment fluid power controls.  That is why Parker Hose is truly The World Standard.  eMaterialHandling.com, is the government purchasing agent's choice for Parker Fluid Connectors.  an authorized Parker Fluid Hose Connector Distributor for Hydraulic hose,  fittings,  adapters,  brass, valves,  quickcouplers,  crimping equipment and tools.
⚠ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
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