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Liftall Web Slings

Each Liftall material handling web sling is installed with a load limit tag.  The tag may be leather Leather Tag   or a durable synthetic Nylon Tag  material.  Working load limits and a serial number will be legibly printed onto the tag.  Woven within the material is a red code warring yarns which become visible when a sling is damaged or otherwise ready for replacement.
Basically, there are two styles of material handling web yarn; the flat yellow nylon or polyester and the rounded color coded Tuflex polyester, treated and untreated.  In addition Liftall now offers the Keyflex Aramid Roundslings. A new roundsling that has higher working load limits, is lighter and very high heat ratings. Generally, a treated nylon web can increase the damage resistance and degradation of yarn integrity by environmental water contact.  The stretch capacities of synthetic web slings usually are determined by the style of web yarn employed during fabrication.  Specialized towing straps are available as a standard stocking item.  Understanding the lifting, choker or basket capacities of web style slings are fairly straight forward.  The levels of strength that any web sling can provide are determined by two factors; the number of ply's and the width of web material used.  Example: a one ply x one inch wide web sling will have less capacity then a two ply x two inch wide sling.  Tables for working load limits have long been established by the various manufacturers.  Remember, the working load limit should be considered over the actual breaking strength.  Many manufacturers now only publish the working load limit tables.
 Angles have a negative effect on a web slings working load limit.  As the angle from vertical increases, the working load limit degreases.  Use this chart  Angel and Working Load Limit Tag  to estimate the degree of degradation to the sling.  First determine the degree of angle from vertical.  Then find the percent of degradation on the chart.   Multiply it by the slings working load limit.  If the net amount is less than the weight being lifted, a stronger sling must be used.
Material Handling Synthetic Web Slings are now employed over the traditional wire rope assembly.  Synthetic web assemblies are now used for overhead lifting applications, truck tie down, towing and crane deployments.  They are generally lighter to carry and takes less space for storage.  Many times a web slings may be more economical to use and have greater capacity than a cable sling for the same job.

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