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Columbus McKinnon Shackles
Made in the USA
Type IVa = Anchor Shackles
Type IVb = Chain Shackles
These CM shackles meet all requirements of Federal Specification RR-C-271D Amendment 1 except where noted.
download Columbus McKinnon catalog here .pdf
Anchor Shackle Style
Chain Shackle Style
CM Round Pin Anchor Shackle
CM Screw Pin Anchor Shackle
CM Bolt & Nut & Cotter Pin Anchor Shackle
CM Round Pin Chain Shackle
CM Screw Pin Chain Shackle
CM Bolt & Nut & Cotter Pin Chain Shackle
Round Pin
Screw Pin
Bolt Pin
Round Pin
Screw Pin
Bolt Pin


Grade B



Grade A



(Amend 1)

Columbus McKinnon shackles are used in material handling lifting and rigging application, shackles are mechanical couplers which consist of a U shaped body closed by a pin.  CM manufactures shackles in two general configurations: an anchor pattern and a chain pattern.  The anchor pattern shackle has a more generous loop, better suited to multiple connections.  Pins are available in various styles, including a round pin secured with a cotter pin, a screw pin secured by tightening, and a bolt, nut and cotter pin arrangement.
Super strong due to greater strength and higher ductility than carbon steel shackles of the same nominal section size.  CM shackles out perform carbon steel shackles of equal size.  Material Handling  Load limits have been increased while maintaining current design factors.  CM shackles now have working load limits from 15 ton 51% greater than equivalent size carbon shackles.
Distortion detector:  A quick and effective solution for detecting distortion in overloaded products.  The distortion detector feature designed for visually indicating whether a product has been previously overloaded.  A simple straight edge is all that's required to determine if a product should remain in service or be replaced.  To be fit for use, the marks must align with a straight edge.
CM screw pin anchor shackles afford quick and easy removal of the screw pin, which is secured by torque.  Useful in applications where the shackle is removed frequently.  While the threaded pin can resist axial forces, it is vulnerable to backing out, and the shackle is not reliable in material handling applications where the pin is subjected to a torque or twisting action.  Available in three materials, in capacities up to 43 tons; alloy steel, carbon steel and stainless steel.
Carbon Steel:  Forged heat treated special bar quality steel body with forged heat treated alloy steel pin, that meets the requirements of Federal Spec RR-C-271D Amendment 1.
Alloy Steel:  Forged heat treated alloy steel body with forged heat treated alloy steel pin, that also meets the requirements of  Federal Spec RR-C-271D Amendment 1.
Stainless Steel:  Stainless steel body and pin.  Available in anchor pattern only.
Alloy steel shackles are used for material handling overhead lifting.
Logging Trawling Shackles:  Similar to screw pin chain shackles, except that the pin has a hex head for convenience in tightening and loosening with a wrench.  Shackle body is made of drop forged heat treated steel.  Pin is made of heat treated alloy steel.  Available in capacities up to 8-1/2 tons.

Carbon Anchor Shackles and Carbon Chain Shackles meets or exceeds Federal Spec RRC-271D Amendment 1, 29 Nov 1995 . Working Load Limit and traceability codes shown as permanent marking on body and pin. Also available in painted, galvanized and self-colored finishes (Dacromate coating upon special request only). All rigging shackles have alloy quenched and tempered pins. Shackles exhibit extreme deformation before failure. Special testing and certification including magnetic particle, proof load, and fatigue test available upon request at time of order. Special products engineering available to meet your material handling, special lifting, tie down, and pulling needs.
For Alloy Anchor and Chain Shackles call 805-647-4792.  

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