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Wire Rope Cable
Wire Rope

Wire Rope and CableWire Rope... the nation builder
Wire rope or cable has been our basic tool as far back to about 700 B.C. Probably one of the oldest of the tools we used for nation building.  Lifting, pulling or reinforcement, wire rope is flexible, bendable and comes in many sizes, strengths and forms.
The first appearance of cable as we know it today was probably introduced between 1816 and 1840.   Wire rope was rapidly placed in service during our nations industrial expansion following the Civil War.
Today cable, along with chain and nylon slings, has become an essential tool to our growth as a nation.
Our founder - Allen Olson - has life experience in the cable and wire rope industry dating back to the post WWII years.  Then, cables were the primary means of motion control.  Cables operated loaders to cranes, mining jigs to forest gantry systems.  In many applications - cable is still the preferred method for hoisting, lifting, pulling and dragging.
We are stocking distributors of both domestic and non-domestic cable and wire rope - galvanized, stainless steel and bright steel.  Both domestic and non-domestic cable hardware from our nations best known material handling corporations, like Columbus McKinnon and Gunnebo Johnson, continue to meet the world's demand for quality manufacturing.  Our in house swaging on demand of cable assemblies or tested and certified cables from Wireco can offer you a variety of slings and bridles.



Wire Rope


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