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Stainless Steel Hardware
Safe Working Load Limits vs Breaking Strength Load lImits
Domestic and Non-Domestic:
eMaterialHandling.com has both domestic and non-domestic source for your stainless steel hardware material handling requirements.  Stainless Steel cable, thimbles, wire rope clips, oval sleeves, eye bolts, hooks shackles, turnbuckles, chain and chain links are designed to type 304 and type 316 stainless steel and Federal Specs RR-W-410E.   
Design factors to consider:
Breaking strength load limits and working load limits are different.  The working load limits are less and generally considered for safety working load usage in applications.  Example, a 500 lbs breaking strength may only have a safe working load limit of 100 lbs.  This safety factor depends on the manufacturer.  Safe working load limits based on manufacturer are available upon request.  In addition, also consider that load limits are not based upon sudden shock or drop load to the product, but a gradual load increase.
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Government Purchase Orders Accepted
Notice to Government Purchasing Agents: We accept Governement Purchase Orders from Municipal, County, State and Federal Govermental organizations. Please include a faxed copy with your order. (805) 256-6477
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