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Asphalt Compressed Air Blower
Asphalt Handy Burner
Surfa Slick Made In The USA       Made In America
Asphalt Compressed Air Blower was design for the Federal, State, County, Municipal asphalt and concrete contractor in mind.  With the existing tools in hand - such as your portable air compressor unit connection, asphalt and concrete road surfaces can now be easily cleared of small rock, sand, gravel and other debris. Great for cleaning surfaces in preparation for roadway stripping and seal.  Made Construction clean up easier.
Specially designed quick opening and self closing Squeeze Lever valve can be used for both pneumatic air or liquids.  The valve body is built from heavy cast brass.  The valve disc and O-ring are made of Buna-N.  The maximum working psi is 400 Psig at 60°F.  Maximum working temperature is 200°F.  Not recommended for steam service.
3 feet of Pipe tubing grade is Schedule 80.  Steel cadmium plated hydraulic grade adapter included.
This Asphalt Pneumatic and Liquid Handy Blower comes installed with a standard "chicago" type air fitting. Optional hoses connections and tubing sprayer tips are available upon request.
We can customize to your needs.
Shown here with standard
"Chicago" type connector
Model 401
Shown here with
"Dix-Lock" Air Quick Coupler type connector
Model 402
Asphalt Handy Blower with Garden Hose Adapter
Shown here with
"Universal Air Quick Coupler " type connector
Model 403
Shown here with standard GHT
"Garden Hose" male type connector
Model 404
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Government Purchase Orders Accepted
Notice to Government Purchasing Agents: We accept Governement Purchase Orders from Municipal, County, State and Federal Govermental organizations. Please include a faxed copy with your order. (805) 256-6477
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