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AquaShield Spill Containment
AquaShield Logo

Authorized AquaShield Distributor
No Sand Bags Required
On Site Quick Fill Of Multiple Bags To Form Barrier

Directional Control Of Chemical Spills and Flood Waters

Bags Are Field Disassembled And Then Reusable

No Special Training Required Saving You Money

Comes With A Quick Fill GHT Garden Hose Adapter Attached To Hose - Insert Into Bag Port And Fill
Designed For Toxic Chemical Spills

Bags Are Quickly Linkable With Pre-Installed Clips

AquaShield Bags Are Capable Of Containing A Wide Range Of Chemical Spills Until HazMat Response Teams Arrive Including Street Drains To Prevent Unwanted Liquid Materials Flowing To The Water Sources And Sea Beds

Contains Most Chemicals Including Gasoline And Oil
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AquaShield TubeShield
72" Long x 7" Wide
30 ft of Protection
1 pcs EZ-Fill Adapter
5 Bags per Box
Weight: 6 lbs
Add To Cart TS-105
72" Long x 7" Wide
60 ft of Protection
2 pcs EZ-Fill Adapters
10 Bags per box
Weight: 11 lbs
AquaShield ProSeries TubeShield
TubeShield ProSeries
72" Long x 7" Wide
Quick Release Clips
on both ends
60 ft of Protection
2 pcs EZ-Fill Adapters
10 Bags per box
Weight: 13 lbs
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Add To Card Tube Shield Pro Series
TubeShield are ideal For Wide Linear Areas Of Flood Or Spill Containment, But Easily Flexes to 45 Degree Angles.  Conforms To Uneven Surfaces And Shapes While Still Providing A Secure Seal.  Fills In About 60 Seconds Using Ordinary Garden Hose. After Use, Simply Drain, Roll Up And Store,  This Reusable Feature Saves You oney.
AquaShield BagShield
24" Long x 16" Wide
20 ft of Protection or
Stack up to 2 Layers High
2 pcs EZ-Fill Adapters
10 Bags per box
Weight: 12 lbs
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Add To Cart BagShield
BagShield Sandbags are Shaped To Form Very Stable Barrier Against Oncoming water. Stack to Two High.
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AquaShield DrainShield
24" Long x 24" Wide
16" of Floor Drain Protection
1 pcs EZ-Fill Adapter
5 Bags per box
Weight: 7 lbs
Add To Cart DrainShield
DrainShield are Placed On Floor Drain And Filled.  Maximum 14" Diameter Per Bag. Quickly Prevents Contamination Or Flooding.
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image pending
120" Long x 7" Wide
Quick Release Clips
on both ends
50 ft of Protection
2 pcs EZ-Fill Adapters
5 Bags per box
Weight: 14 lbs
Add To Cart Street Shield
StreetShield Attaches ProSeries Together Using Two Clips On Each End Before Filling To Quickly, Easily Form Any Shape, Size Containment Perimeter.  Rapid Fill ProSeries "Chain" To Deploy In Just Minutes.  Easy To Drain, Roll Up And Store After Use.
Fill Nozzles
Fills Any AquaShield Product
From a NST Fire Hose
Specify Diameter & Thread
Example: 1-1/2" NST
AquaShield Product Shipping:
Standard UPS ground is added to invoice at time of shipping. Customer may use their own Shipping accounts. Shipments outside the continental U.S. (except for Canada) are invoiced by Bank Electronic Funds Transfer. Call for expedited shipments or large shipments by truck.  All products are drop shipped factory direct from the West Coast facility.
Silk Screening Your Name on AquaShield Products:
Customize your AquaShield for quick field visual i.d.  One time set-fee and low cost per unit screening charge. Minimum 100 pcs required.  Use your logo and message, this can indicate ownership and a neat marketing name brand for your company.
All Ship Weights Are Rounded Up To Nearest Whole Number Pound Weight.
------All AquaShield products are Patented and Trademarked------
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Government Purchase Orders Accepted
Notice to Government Purchasing Agents: We accept Governement Purchase Orders from Municipal, County, State and Federal Govermental organizations. Please include a faxed copy with your order. (805) 256-6477
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